About Shzamm!

The idea ..

"@joerogan has 2,500,000+ followers on twitter who are constantly sending him interesting links. The problem is they get mixed with a ton of other tweets and are constantly moving (twitter search is limited to 3 days). It's a constant flowing shit storm of everything: https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%40joerogan - Joe will retweet some, but the rest of the 98% get lost into the ether. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to filter and record them into a searchable database?"

I know there are a million other "news websites" out there -- but nothing "built by/for jre fans" (with content relevant to the topics discussed on Joe's podcast).


  • Embeded videos section (with player) from youtube, vimeo, liveleak and pixelbark
  • Mobile version (automatically directs) hosted at http://m.shzamm.com
  • Next to the navigation there is a "toggle twitter formatting" button:
    • Formatted mode (default): allows the user to see a "easier to read version
      (stripping out the headlines and twitter lingo). Has a "tweet" and "email/share" option..
    • Original mode: "exactly as sent to Joe". In original mode you can "favorite" or "retweet" (the same as you would using the twitter interface).
  • Rollover twitter bios (ability to discover and follow other like-minded people)
  • Highlighted tweets -- those retweeted by Joe Rogan feature a light-blue background
  • Top 10 counter. Lists the top 10 contributers to the database for the month/year
  • Live Feed. This is a realtime unmoderated, unfiltered listing of URL's being sent to @joerogan
  • I try to keep the "Articles" current (rule: < 5 days) but for videos I'm much more lenient (as long as they haven't been posted before)

About Me

I work full-time as a web developer. I'm also a big fan of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast. This is my small way of giving back to the community..

I'd love to get your feedback! Any features/options/ideas that could make it better? Please contact me.

- Matt (@hemmm)